Until we decide to talk about publishing your manuscript, all communication will be handled via email. If you choose to call, please be aware that we screen all calls.

Please submit the following information in the body of an email and put "submission" in the subject line. We do not open attachments unless we request them.

We primarily publish fiction and are particularly interested in manuscripts that are family friendly. If we are interested, we will contact you.

-Author's Name
-Title of Book
(Working title is fine.)
(Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc.)
-Intended Audience
(Children 9-12, Women with children, etc.)
-Short Summary
(What is the story about? What happens in it?)
-First page of the book
(Approximately 250 words.)

Note: Sun Break Publishing reserves the right to reject any manuscript. We are a small but traditional publisher, and no fees will ever be charged.